LinkedIn Profile to JSON Resume Exporter – Extension and Bookmarklet

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You can now get this tool as a Chrome Extension, from the official webstore page.

Or, if you want to sideload it, you can clone my Github repo, run the build scripts, and sideload it through Chrome’s extension page’s developer mode.

Source Code:

What is the LinkedIn to JSON Resume Export Tool?

This is a quick project I threw together, mostly out of frustration that it didn’t already exist. As I outline in the “readme” file in my Github repo for this project, I wanted to export my LinkedIn profile to JSON Resume, which is an exciting standard for storing, sharing, parsing, and generating resumes based on a shared underlying data structure, or schema.

The official LinkedIn APIs are restrictive and require an approval process, and the manual data export option offered by LinkedIn can take up to 72 hours. I was frustrated by this fact, so I built this tool to instantly export a LinkedIn profile page to the JSON Resume standard, which appears in a little popup modal that you can easily copy and paste out of.

On 8/3/2019, I rewrote the tool from a bookmarklet to a browser extension (Chrome extension) to get around some restrictions placed by LinkedIn that were breaking the functionality of the bookmarklet version.

2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Profile to JSON Resume Exporter – Extension and Bookmarklet”

  1. Pika says:

    Can you update Bookmarklet? Now this don’t run.

    1. joshuatz says:

      Hi Pika,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. LinkedIn just made a large change to their site that prevents any bookmarklet from working, including mine! Unfortunately, their change is very hard to work around, so I won’t have this fixed for a bit, but in the meantime, there is a slightly manual workaround that I have outlined here (see “Short term fix” section).

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