Tag: bookmarklet

Simple JavaScript snippet to manage YouTube history in bulk.

Bookmarklet to enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support on sites that try to disable it, such as Hulu, and especially in browsers that honor it, such as Chrome.

Overriding the default behavior of keyboard key presses in browsers with JavaScript, to get ALT and arrow key combinations working with a SPA.

Simple music meta info scraper bookmarklet, for a few sites. Grabs song title, artist, album title, and more, and then lets you copy to clipboard as TSV or JSON.

A lightweight browser tool for quickly exporting a LinkedIn profile page to a JSON Resume export. Grabs education, work positions, and even skills.

The bookmarklet that I designed lets you add products to your Amazon wishlist from any site, including AliExpress and other competitors. No tracking!

A nifty little bookmarklet to test any webpage for Google Analytics, verify that event tracking is working properly, and return a list of all linked Google Analytics IDs!