Blog / Misc.

This section of the site is for "blog" type posts, short asides, and other miscellaneous bits of content that do not qualify as a project or tool.

A look at my favorite features of Svelte, comparisons to React and other frameworks, and what makes it a joy to use.

How to write or paste Markdown into Slack messages and have it formatted correctly, while still keeping the format toolbar, by using HTML pasting.

What are shell (bash, zsh, etc.) heredocs (Here Documents), and why they are so fun and useful to have. Covers both the basics and advanced usage and tricks.

A list of things I wish I had known sooner about using pytest and some general tips on usage and productivity with it.

Why we should all care more about higher-level documentation, a way to view documentation as a funnel, and an explanation of how things have changed.

How to delete all scrobbles of a specific track or album, with Tidal Advertisements as an example.

How to bypass the network connectivity error when trying to factory reset a Nook Simple Touch ereader from Barnes & Noble.

How to determine point intersection or collision detection with Canvas paths, with or without tolerances / buffers / padding.

An introductory guide to the different parts of Google Lighthouse, how to use it via CLI and NodeJS, and strategies for customizing its configuration.

How to use WebViewClient with Android WebView to hook into network requests, intercept them, and block or modify them if they match certain rules.