Blog / Misc.

This section of the site is for "blog" type posts, short asides, and other miscellaneous bits of content that do not qualify as a project or tool.

Instructions on how to delete multiple files based on a pattern, even when nested, with SHX and ShellJS. Extra tips on using with NPM packages!

How to use Google Forms for quick user feedback collection, bug reporting, and the pros and cons of this approach.

How to find a webcam solution in 2020, during the shortage, that is affordable and usable for Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing.

Different options for exporting profiles and connections from LinkedIn, and importing on other platforms, including VCard exports and integrations.

How to extend VR cables without experiencing tracking issues and glitches, and what solutions are available, such as USB extenders.

How to easily enable VSCode Intellisense and autocomplete within Webpack config JS or JSON files.

How to generate the perfectly sized cover images, with any input image, using Cloudinary's URL based transformations, overlays, and effects.

Using TP-Link Kasa, Google Apps Script, Android, and Automagic to automate my morning wake up alarm and turn on the lights.

Overriding the default behavior of keyboard key presses in browsers with JavaScript, to get ALT and arrow key combinations working with a SPA.

Documenting my search for the right software to use for remote elementary school tutoring sessions.