Blog / Misc.

This section of the site is for "blog" type posts, short asides, and other miscellaneous bits of content that do not qualify as a project or tool.

Information on using TypeScript with Google Apps Script and Google Ads, both with and without Clasp. Also discusses how Apps Script treats hoisting.

A breakdown of different ways to embed static and dynamic content into iframes, and dynamically generate iframe embeds on both the client-side and server-side.

Some random notes on using the Power BI Embedded Javascript APIs, such as resetting slicer visuals.

Some tips on using Fabric.js as a dependency in your project, without requiring that other devs have Cairo installed in order to build.

Some random tips and tricks I've been collecting as I work on developing my first VSCode extension.

Getting a JSON source for the AMP-List carousel element working in AMP for Email Playground - resolving CORs header issues through HTACCESS.

A practical guide to GTM triggers, how they work, and Javascript alternatives if you can't use Google Tag Manager. Meant for both non-developers and developers.

Using lambda expressions with QT's newer connect syntax to receive the finished event of a QNetworkRequest / reply without using QObject.

Exploring cross-platform coding library options for window manipulation, active window details, keypress emulation, and more.

A guide on implementing internal traffic filtering in analytics, as well as blocking tracking and ads for internal employees using IP addresses and/or cookies.