Blog / Misc.

This section of the site is for "blog" type posts, short asides, and other miscellaneous bits of content that do not qualify as a project or tool.

How to disable Chrome's default stdout log messages that come through Selenium Webdriver on NodeJS, such as the "DevTools listening on ws..." message.

How to fix JSX TypeScript errors due to incompatible types between Preact and imported React component libraries, especially for JSX.Element.

How to get a list of all files in a project or directory, with inclusion and exclusion rules applied based on a .gitignore file.

How to fix Android's default Messages app having no notification sound for incoming text messages, even with ringer volume set to maximum.

How and why to use OS temporary directories to create files outside your source code directory for scripted tests.

Details on how default create-react-app projects will stall and fail to start on Glitch, and how to fix this issue with just a simple edit.

Instructions on how to delete multiple files based on a pattern, even when nested, with SHX and ShellJS. Extra tips on using with NPM packages!

How to use Google Forms for quick user feedback collection, bug reporting, and the pros and cons of this approach.

How to find a webcam solution in 2020, during the shortage, that is affordable and usable for Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing.

Different options for exporting profiles and connections from LinkedIn, and importing on other platforms, including VCard exports and integrations.