Light Screen Display – Virtual Fill Light

This was a fun project that I built the first version of in a few hours, on a whim. I have multiple extra monitors pointing down at my face that are empty real-estate while I participate in video calls, and I had been noticing that the light they cast actually has a subtle effect on the image captured by my webcam.

I was curious how much a difference it would make if I filled up my extra monitors with solid colors, so I built this app as a quick way to test out different fill styles and colors.

Spoiler: I made this for fun, and the end result was that, although it makes a small subtle difference, using OBS filters or buying a dedicated external light will make 100x the difference that this does. But it is still a fun experiment!

Where to Get It

🔗 App:

💾 Source code:



  • Multiple modes
    • Ring Light
      • LEDs
      • Diffused LEDs
      • Solid Ring
    • Solid Full-Screen Fill
  • Camera preview
  • Auto-hiding settings panel (can be turned off)
  • Keeps screen on while in use
  • Custom color picker, or use presets
  • Works offline, and as a PWA

What I Used

  • JavaScript (Vanilla)
  • Service Workers
  • TypeScript (with JSDoc)
  • HTML Canvas

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