Tag: ui

Native Android application (Kotlin and Java) to update WaveShare Passively Powered NFC E-Paper Modules over NFC, and generate bitmaps for them.

An effort to collect, categorize, and summarize some of the common CSS custom properties that are being used to maintain colors in modern theming approaches.

An experimental project that delves into the idea of rendering non-video content in Picture-in-Picture windows, use-cases, and a discussion of the future.

How to use Google Forms for quick user feedback collection, bug reporting, and the pros and cons of this approach.

Quick JS plugin for PrismJS (code embed syntax highlighter) that I put together, and use throughout this site . Typical "windows" style toolbar, with minimize/expand, fullscreen, and copy-to-clipboard buttons.

A quick UI mockup, demo, and writeup I created for a feature a popular dating site could implement to improve the messaging experience and cut down on unwanted messages. Demo created using injected Javascript.