Tag: google sheets

How to split a string into individual characters in Google Sheets, using a pure formula approach. Even handles line breaks and special characters.

Options for getting data feeds out of Google Sheets, avoiding slow-to-update published CSV feed URLs, and custom scripting with Google Apps Scripts.

How to get the UTF-8 Character Code (aka codepoint) for a given character in Google Sheets. Custom formula converts from UTF-16 decimal to UTF-8.

Work in progress - compiled tables of keycodes and related information for ASCII, QT, X11, and more - in one Google Spreadsheet, as well as some SQL stuff.

I went overboard in trying to use Base64 encoding in Google Sheets and ended up coming up with a "pure formula" for generating Base64 from a text string, which does not require the use of custom scripting. This post covers that formula, how I came up with it, and scripting alternatives.