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How to use .env files that are in a different directory than a docker-compose YML file, with variable substitution and relative paths. Options and workarounds.

Automated file timestamp extractor: git-date-extractor NPM package and CLI tool. The tool lets you retrieve file creation and modification dates based on Git history.

A Markdown-sourced, Gatsby-powered mini-site that displays a bunch of my cheatsheets, code snippets, and miscellaneous programming notes as I collect them.

An embeddable and interactive SASS-to-CSS playground, which can be dynamically generated and modified with custom settings and preloaded SASS/SCSS input.

Some random tips and tricks I've been collecting as I work on developing my first VSCode extension.

A post on trying to get QT Creator to be able to, at the very least, build and run an example project for Android and see it on an emulator.

My experience as a brand new QT beginner while trying to use Font Awesome with QML / QT, dealing with relative import paths, and importing outside the source directory.

Postman is my go-to tool for testing a new API, replaying HTTP requests, and general mucking about with network requests. They call their tool a “API Development Environment”, and if you deal at all with APIs and/or endpoints like webhooks, you should check them out. In general I am a fan, and have been for […]

Revisiting Chrome extension development after a while and outlining some things that have helped me with development and distribution.