Tag: api

Demo weather app project, using Svelte, TypeScript, and Express to power a web interface with a location-based forecast, powered by the AccuWeather API.

Approaches for using CSURF for CSRF protection, but only on certain routes, and some with the ability to extract the generated token from the request.

Information about public Reddit APIs, building post preview embeds, parsing Reddit JSON data, and an example of a custom Reddit embed generator.

Tips, tricks, and gotchas, for building a Google Data Studio Community Connector on Google Apps Script. Covers some common issues and recommended approaches.

Some random tips and tricks I've been collecting as I work on developing my first VSCode extension.

Postman is my go-to tool for testing a new API, replaying HTTP requests, and general mucking about with network requests. They call their tool a “API Development Environment”, and if you deal at all with APIs and/or endpoints like webhooks, you should check them out. In general I am a fan, and have been for […]

I developed a chrome extension for a popular online time clock so that you could clock in, clock out, and check hours all from an easy to use popup that can be interacted with no matter what page you are on.